This is the first Swiss sports electric car

This is the first Swiss sports electric car

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car brand Piëch Mark Zero is the first Swiss sports car with electric drive.

His father, Ferdinand Piech. The external link was an outstanding designer and auto industrialist, with such brands as Volkswagen and Porsche associated with his life. Anton Piech intends to make a “reboot” of the big name: at the Geneva Motor Show, he will present a prototype electric-powered Piëch Mark Zero two-seater.

Anton Piëch, as they say, absorbed the love of the auto industry with mother’s milk, and this is understandable, because he is the son of the former head of the Volkswagen concern Ferdinand Piech and the great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche, 1875-1951). But if all his great ancestors built cars on gasoline, then Anton decided to start a new chapter in the glorious family history, establishing a company that produces cars with electric engines.

The headquarters of the company Piëch AutomotiveThe external link is located in Zurich and Munich. It is still a very young company, founded by Anton Piech in 2016 along with Rea Stark Rajcic. Now the company employs 20 people, but among its partners and suppliers there are already quite big names and brands. In general, up to 200 people are involved in the project for creating the Piëch Mark Zero car, and now Anton Piech intends to present his prototype at the current Geneva Motor Show.

It is clear that the name Piëch alone can be a guarantee of press attention, and in principle this is what happened: the car, presented by Anton, even got on the cover of the official magazine of the car dealership, where it flaunts half wrapped in a huge Swiss flag. On the sides we see both designers and companions, and ahead is the proud inscription “Made in Switzerland”. The two-seater Mark Zero, which Piëch and his partner want to present at the auto show, will, according to them, weigh less than 1,800 kg, and its fully charged battery will cover a distance of up to 500 km.

The peculiarity of this concept is not even the electric engine, but the “modular” character of the model itself, that is, it will be a kind of basic platform on which you can mount engines of all possible types, ranging from hydrogen and hybrid engines to the usual gasoline engine. According to the designers, it is supposed to offer on the market this “base platform” to any automakers and tuning companies that could already be engaged in their own design creativity on its basis.

As for the autonomous movement option, such technologies that Ilon Musk and his brand Tesla are currently working on are still the music of the future for Piëch Automotive. “This platform is also suitable for such models of cars, but for now we have decided to leave the development of autonomous driving for the future,” says Rea Shtark Rajcic.