This is probably the coolest version of the off-road Audi A4 Allroad

This is probably the coolest version of the off-road Audi A4 Allroad

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One enthusiast who bought himself an Audi A4 wagon in an off-road performance. Allroad equipped his car with off-road tires, retuned the suspension and increased the power of a standard engine.

In its standard form, the Audi A4 station wagon in the off-road version of the Allroad is already capable of overcoming simple off-road. But the version of this model, which will be discussed in this article, can rightfully be considered the best version of the model. Its owner’s name is Gene Pasqua and he decided to further adapt the car to overcome even severe off-road.

Foreign reporters from had the opportunity to personally chat with Mr. Pasqua. So, he is the original owner of the car, having bought it new in July 2015, and at that moment, he was not going to turn it into an adventure car.

“Initially, I bought it because of the larger boot volume and for my two dogs,” said Pasqua. “I did not think about the possibility of conquering serious off-road on this car.”

The situation has changed in 2017. First, the car received a custom-made suspension, on which it was possible to move not only on ordinary roads, but also on impassable roads. Off-road driving requires more than high ground clearance, so this Audi also has at least 13 additional Rigid Industries LED lights to illuminate the terrain day or night. Installing a Redarc Electronics with two batteries helps with this. The car also received a Midland Communications radio system.

Non-standard roof rack Front Runner and a ladder behind the rear window are fully functional and undoubtedly, these elements complement the brutal appearance of the car. Rims Rotiform CCV-OR “wrapped” in all-terrain tires. Pasqua also upgraded the Audi engine – the intake system and downpipes were replaced. And the car is definitely used for its intended purpose. Pasqua says his Audi recently traveled 160,934 km.

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