This is how the “charged” baby Hyundai i20 N will look

This is how the “charged” baby Hyundai i20 N will look

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Yes, this is just a computer image of the “evil” South Korean little car. But the management of the company has a firm decision that such a model should still be on sale.

In some automotive markets, the high-performance Hyundai Veloster N hatchback with a power of up to 275 horsepower or the equivalent i30 N with a power of up to 270 hp is available. But nowhere else, the South Korean brand does not yet offer the option of a “hot” i20 that will compete with its own kind – Ford Fiesta ST, Volkswagen Polo GTI, Toyota Yaris GRMN, etc. But this will change soon.

 We have already seen photos from the testing of the prototype “charged” i20 N on the Nurburgring race track.

But the serial version of the car is not yet available to us – fortunately, independent artists were found who, using the graphics editor Photoshop, tried to imagine what kind of car it would be.

The previously presented concept of the i20 N “evil” kid is a lot like the i30 N and Veloster N. The carbon fiber splitter, red accents on the body and 10-spoke rims wrapped in quality rubber are the hallmarks of high-performance Hyundai N. To render, however, the i20 also gets a larger grille, a tiny rear spoiler and more prominent air vents.

 The upcoming i20 N is likely to use a version of the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. In the Tucson crossover, the same engine develops power up to 176 hp. Most likely, for the daring “shorty”, the power will be 200 hp.

 We expect that the official presentation of the production version of the Hyundai i20 will take place at the beginning of this year, but a show of its more powerful performance may take place a little later.