This is a must see – the wild acceleration of the 888-horsepower Dodge Hellcat XR

This is a must see – the wild acceleration of the 888-horsepower Dodge Hellcat XR

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier AEC introduced the 888-strong version of the American coupe Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The car will be produced in a limited edition of 88 copies. The published video captures the wild acceleration of the car.

 The legendary American muscle car Dodge Challenger in an even more powerful performance SRT Hellcat is one of the most attractive cars available on the market today. With the monsterous V8 Hemi engine, which is located under its brutal hood, it can offer up to 717 horsepower and 889 Nm of torque. This is undoubtedly one of the most productive machines to date.

But the question is, maybe something is better than the Challenger SRT Hellcat? Our answer definitely can be – this engine has potential, and it is huge and many tuning studios have already presented their upgrade packages for this car. Take for example the project of AEC, which decided to seriously change this car, which they called Hellcat XR. The novelty, which is intended for the automotive market in Europe, will be produced in a limited number of 80 copies.

 Our foreign colleagues from Germany got the opportunity to test the Hellcat XR, and these are the impressions they shared. As conceived by specialists at AEC, the Hellcat XR is equipped with 2.4-liter twin-screw superchargers.

They also took care of creating their own chip tuning and reducing the gear ratio for a better and sharper power supply to the rear wheels. With this, you can expect the Hellcat XR to accelerate to madness even in high gears. AEC even added a more efficient exhaust system.

 Thanks to these modifications, the Hellcat XR has a rated power of 888 hp. (999 Nm). So how does the Hellcat XR accelerate? The popular Youtube channel AutoTopNL was able to get at its disposal one of the copies of this car, so that on an unlimited speed section of the autobahn, check everything that this monster is capable of.