This is a must see. 2033-horsepower Toyota Supra checked on dyno

This is a must see. 2033-horsepower Toyota Supra checked on dyno

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This particular instance of the legendary Toyota Supra A80 generation, apparently, went through all the possible stages of tuning. The engine of the car produces 2033 hp. (1766 Nm).

  The Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra was born 40 years ago, in the late 1970s under the name Celica Supra. Until 1986, the car did not abandon the name Celica. It took an 18-year break, which began in mid-2002, before we were presented with a version of the 2020 model year legend. These 18 years have reinforced the already legendary Supra status, giving fans, enthusiasts and tuners nearly two decades to “play with this car,” once produced by Toyota. This led to the emergence of some “wild” projects based on this car, but it’s especially worth noting this performance of the car – it is perhaps the craziest of them.

  Toyota Supra in the video above, it takes power measurement on a dynamometer.

The machine received many different kinds of improvements that allow its motor to produce a total of 2033 horsepower and unimaginable 1766 Nm of torque, as they say, on wheels. This is not even engine power. Spurious losses make up about 15 percent of the power from the engine to the wheels. Some representatives of well-known tuning companies say that the standard engine of the Supra A80 generation may well develop 2390 hp. power and 2081 Nm of torque.

 We are not told about the full list of modifications that this particular Supra received, but the video description says that the Supra has a standard 3.0-liter inline engine with six cylinders 2JZ, on which the guys from the EKanooRacing studio did a lot of work. The motor is coupled to a PPG sequential gearbox. The power plant received a Motec M150 engine management system and an upgraded Precision Turbo turbocharger.