This heavily modified BMW i8 Roadster costs $ 140,000

This heavily modified BMW i8 Roadster costs $ 140,000

May 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The ad site sells the Bavarian BMW i8 roadster, whose body is covered with carbon fiber. The car is listed for $ 140,000. The hybrid supercar also received several improvements to the powertrain, exhaust system and suspension.

Since its debut, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid has established itself as one of the most futuristic sports cars on the market. And despite the fact that mass production of this model has ceased, there are many very interesting examples of this model on the used car market.

This i8 roadster has been modified by Creative Bespoke and put up for sale by the tuner for $ 139,800. That’s about $ 20,000 less than the all-new i8 Roadster would have cost you a couple of years ago, but there are some modifications to the car to (partly) justify its price tag.

Specifically, Creative Bespoke has trimmed the hybrid supercar body with a full carbon fiber aerodynamic package that includes a new front lip, diffuser, rear wing, side skirts and front bumper.

The tuner also fitted the i8 with a set of H&R sport springs, 22-inch forged Satin Bronze wheels, a more powerful Frequency Intelligent exhaust system and an electronic engine control unit (ECU) with sportier settings. According to representatives of the Creative Bespoke studio, a total of 50,000 dollars was spent on the project to modernize the Bavarian BMW i8. There is no mention of how much extra horsepower and torque the car got thanks to the ECU tuning. The announcement of the sale only says that the car has traveled 17,675 km.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the tuner raised the power of the hybrid BMW i8 to 409 hp. Atelier DTE Systems was able to increase the power of the hybrid power plant of the Bavarian coupe to 409 hp. (635 Nm). They also managed to reduce overall fuel consumption by 15 percent.