This guy printed a working gearbox of an F1 car on a 3D printer

This guy printed a working gearbox of an F1 car on a 3D printer

June 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

With the help of a 3D printer, a talented engineer created a fully functional prototype of a racing transmission, which is used in F1 cars.

3D printing technology is gradually finding its place in more and more aspects of the automotive industry, from the production of high-tech titanium exhaust linings for supercars to wheel rims. Every time we talk about this fascinating technology, we wonder what the size limit of printed parts is. In this article we will try to answer this question.

It turns out that you can print the gearbox, which is used in the cars of the legendary Formula 1 racing series, as this guy from Indeterminate Design on YouTube did.

This is a truly impressive project, and it is actually a fully working copy of the original box, which quickly and accurately changes gears thanks to special paddle switches.

“I have always loved the technical side of motorsport. I used to drive and build my cars, but life circumstances have changed. So I thought about how I can continue to participate in this racing world, and I decided to start creating these projects, ”explains the creator of the project.

At the moment, this guy has released five videos detailing the process of designing and assembling a gearbox. It all started with a detailed virtual gearbox model developed using the Fusion 360. It is important to note that the design is not an exact copy of any particular F1 gearbox, but a combination of different designs.

“My design is very different from the gearbox in your car. The biggest difference is the very high gear shifting speed. ”

In the last video of the project (attached at the top of this article) you can see how the transmission does its job and changes gears in the same way as a real racing gearbox, which F1 cars are equipped with.