This fun kart is made from the wing of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle

This fun kart is made from the wing of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Aldekas Studio, which specializes in the restoration of old cars, presented a small map project. The car is inspired by the German city car Volkswagen Beetle.

We’ve seen this before – many enthusiasts, inspired by the looks of the legendary VW Beetle city car, made minibikes that looked like it. As our colleagues at Rideapart wrote, they are part creepy and part adorable.

Meet this car, made by Aldekas Studio from Mexico, has received the designation Bugkart Wasowski. As you can see, the car is made from the original VW Beetle Type 1 wing, which gives the car an “old school” feel.

Aldekas studio specializes in the restoration of vintage cars, in particular the Beetle bugs from the German company VW.

The bright red for this little car’s frame is a great color choice as it goes well with the vintage olive green paint. To add the finishing touch, brown leather details have been added, especially on the seat and handles, as well as chrome side mirror covers.

Unfortunately, at present, the project of a kart car developed by the guys from Aldekas Studio is just a render. So far, there is no data on when the real kart cars will appear, as well as on what their price will be.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that a prototype of the new generation VW Golf Variant station wagon was seen on tests. Western journalists captured a prototype of the eighth generation of the German Volkswagen Golf station wagon. Judging by the fact that the test versions of the novelty practically did not receive camouflage, the official debut of the station wagon can be expected in the very near future.