This Ford Gran Torino stood in one place for 29 years

This Ford Gran Torino stood in one place for 29 years

August 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video has appeared on YouTube showing a copy of the American Ford Gran Torino coupe, which has stood in the same place for 29 years. The video shows the long process of starting its engine, as well as the difficult restoration of the car.

This 1975 Ford Gran Torino Elite traveled only 965 km and then parked for at least 29 years.

The car was purchased in western North Dakota (USA) 29 years ago.

We don’t know why it was parked there in 1991, but after nearly three decades of inactivity in the wild, it doesn’t really matter anymore. The paint, tires and vinyl roof were removed from the car – it couldn’t even be loaded and unloaded onto a trailer without the aid of a tractor. A voice-over notes that the car looked pretty solid, even though there was already some rust on the body.

However, when the hood finally opened, it became clear that most of the wiring had been damaged or destroyed – by time and mice. At first, the engine did not want to start, but the enthusiasts who discovered this car were not even going to give up.

The oil, fluids and grease needed were eventually changed and it worked – the Torino’s powerful V8 finally starts working – although it did require injecting starting fluid into its carburetor.

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