This Ford Escape crossover was washed for the first time in a year

This Ford Escape crossover was washed for the first time in a year

November 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owners of this Ford Escape have not washed their car in over a year. Among other things, they constantly drove five dogs in their car …. as a result, “tons” of wool in the cabin.

The 2013 Ford Escape owner turned to a car cleaning specialist, The Detail Geek, who uploaded the entire crossover cleaning process to their YouTube channel for help. As expected, the situation was literally difficult given the fact that a pile of dog fur was found even in the deepest corners of the cabin.

The washing process, of course, started with the exterior.

With dirt, grime, and any other elements of dirt that could appear in this car in a year, you can assume it was not an easy job. The initial pressure washer was not sufficient to remove deep stains from the white paint.

The result of the detailing of the exterior was satisfactory, but with the interior the scope of work was much greater. As you might have guessed, interior detailing is impossible without removing the seats. It should be noted that the specialists had to wash the carpet twice with shampoo to remove the huge amount of stains that were there.

After a long and extremely tedious cleaning process, this old Ford Escape (aka Kuga) is really clean, almost returning to its original appearance. According to the detailed description in the posted video, the entire cleaning process took 11 hours, which is not surprising given the degree of contamination we saw in the video.

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