This caravan has everything you need and even a bathroom in the floor and a wood stove

This caravan has everything you need and even a bathroom in the floor and a wood stove

March 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A travel enthusiast decided to build a full-fledged motorhome on the basis of an old Mitsubishi Fuso truck. The vehicle boasts everything you need, as well as a bathroom in the floor, heated floors and much more. A snowmobile can easily fit inside.

  Having your own motor home gives you countless benefits. You can equip your vehicle with various functions that only come to mind, creating them the way you want, without having to rely on any manufacturer.

It was these opportunities that appealed to Mike Basic, a professional snowboarder and travel enthusiast. As the basis for his motorhome, he chose the Mitsubishi Fuso truck. Only the appearance of the resulting machine should make everyone understand that this is not an ordinary motor home.

    This is a motorhome of dreams – that’s exactly what the car owner says. He did everything he needed with his own hands.

The body, inside of which there is a living area, is wrapped in a special protective waterproof coating, on top of which there are iron panels. There are solar panels on the roof, and at the back there is a platform that can be lowered and raised – it easily raises the owner’s snowmobile.

The caravan has a water heater, a double bed, a dining table, a TV, a sink, a stove, an oven and a refrigerator. There is no shower, but there is a bath. Next to the large side door is a bathtub that allows you to swim directly in nature. There is also a wood stove. There is also a propane heater with a thermostat. There are soft kitchen drawers, underfloor heating – although they are not connected – and additional compartments for storing things under the floor.

 The kitchen, which is located opposite the large side opening, extends, expanding the living space in the room. Instead of placing a traditional wooden ceiling on an elongated part, the enthusiast used plexiglass. With it, a huge amount of natural light enters the salon. There is a 42 liter water tank.