This buggy is made from the Chevy Corvette Generation C5

This buggy is made from the Chevy Corvette Generation C5

May 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A very unusual buggy is being sold at a foreign auction – the car is made of a Chevy Corvette C5 generation sports coupe. Cars for sale at a starting price of $ 15,000

There are two types of motorists – those who like to drive on smooth asphalt, as well as those who like fast driving over rough terrain. The creators of this car apparently wanted to combine the ability to drive on a flat road and on a … rough road in one vehicle.

 The legendary Chevy Corvette C5 generation coupe, which is exhibited at a foreign auction, has been very seriously modified. Now this car can quickly move not only on perfectly smooth roads, but also on impassable roads.

The 1999 Corvette was taken as the basis for the project. It is noteworthy that all work on turning the sports coupe into an off-road car ended in 2019.

The car still has its original chassis and engine. But then, the car lost its fiberglass body panels, while the rails of the front and rear frames were shortened. Then the frame on which the roll cage is attached would be built.

 This car also uses various elements from other cars. For example, the bumper was borrowed from the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon SUV, and the muffler from the Camaro Z / 28. The car is still “shod” in standard 17-inch wheels. The tires are off-road Firestone Destination MT2. The suspension remained in stock condition, although it received a small lift.

 Other off-road accessories include tow hooks, Hella DOT-certified headlights, a dashboard, LED taillights and a fire extinguisher. The owner of this off-road Corvette changed only a few moments in the cabin – covered with cloth and removed the speakers. The air conditioner is still working, although we doubt that you will use it in this buggy, which has an open cab.