This BMW Z4 M with V10 engine sounds very brutal

This BMW Z4 M with V10 engine sounds very brutal

May 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Under the hood of the Bavarian BMW Z4 Roadster in the high-performance M-version is the powerful BMW M5 V10 S85 engine. The modernization and subsequent installation of the motor were done by the guys from the Manhart studio.

  The 2006-2008 “charged” roadster of the BMW Z4 M is already a classic for the BMW M sports brand. The car offers excellent performance thanks to the 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and low overall weight. But the Manhart Racing studio wanted more from the master’s roadster and therefore decided to install the S85 V10 engine from the most powerful BMW M5 sedan under its hood. One of the most important modernizations of this engine was an increase in its working volume to 5.8 liters – now it boasts a capacity of 621 hp.

In honor of the “evil” Z4, a video was released on the AutoTopNL YouTube channel – a demonic roadster, driving around rural Holland. The engine of the car makes a very, very angry roar.

 S85 V10, mounted under the hood of this baby, was designed by BMW engineers using Formula 1 technology. The head and engine block are made of aluminum, with lightweight internal parts of the engine – the latter can spin up to 8,250 rpm. The increase in engine capacity and installing it in a lighter Z4 M, it seems, only opened up its potential even more.

In addition, the Z4 has a black and gold body color scheme. Large wheels, a removable hardtop and new exterior elements add style to this already beautiful roadster.