They told if there is a future for international auto show after COVID-19

They told if there is a future for international auto show after COVID-19

November 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The automotive industry will remember this year for a long time. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, car sales have collapsed, production has stopped, many events have been canceled or postponed. Among them are the largest international auto show.

In 2020, automakers had to master a new format for the presentation of car innovations. The machines made their debut in the virtual space, as the traditional premiere was impossible due to COVID-19. In addition, even before the coronavirus, many automakers began to refuse to participate in motor shows – this is a troublesome and expensive business. However, experts are confident that auto show still have prospects for the future.

So, many visitors (about 83%) of the same New York Auto Show are potential buyers who are already thinking about buying a car in the next 12 months. According to the results of the study, about half of the families who attended the motor show in New York admitted that the event gave up on their decision to buy a car.

According to statistics, the attendance of auto show in America could boast of relative stability over the past five seasons.

In numbers, the future of auto show looks even more promising: for example, according to the calculations of American specialists, an average of 6.8 million households visit local auto show every year, of which 4.7 million are ready to buy or rent a new car over the next 12 months. No advertising campaign will provide such an audience coverage for automakers. In any case, it will be possible to finally judge the fate of auto show after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier it became known that the International Auto Show in Detroit was postponed to September 2021. The reason was the coronavirus epidemic, which does not allow ensuring the safe holding of the event on the previously set date.