These patents show the new turbocharged Mazda rotary engine?

These patents show the new turbocharged Mazda rotary engine?

June 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A pair of patents filed by Mazda representatives earlier this year describes a rotary turbocharged engine that, if put into production, will power the long-awaited successor to the RX-8 sports model.

In recent years, Mazda has been very open about its desire to bring a new sports car with a rotary engine to the market, but constantly said that it would not do this until it developed an engine that would meet its fuel efficiency targets. This may be a sign that the company has finally done it!

The Motoring publication notes that the engine described in patent imaging includes a side-port exhaust system that can improve intake efficiency. In addition, for this installation provides a new design of the turbocharger.

Patent applications were filed in Japanese, but the translation contains additional information about the innovative engine and underlines its increased efficiency compared to previous implementations.

The Japanese manufacturer has said more than once that it intends to submit a rotary engine for its future electric vehicles, but it does not seem that the engine described in these patents is intended only for this. Apparently for traditional ICE, it is also suitable.

There were long-held hopes that the stunning concept of the RX-Vision Mazda from 2015 could reach mass production. However, Mazda Kiyoshi Fujiwara, head of research and development at Mazda, refused this opportunity in October 2017. He pointed out that the day will come when the new Mazda rotary-drive sports car will become a reality.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Mazda is preparing for its first electric car in 2020.