There were pictures with tests of the hybrid Ford Mustang

There were pictures with tests of the hybrid Ford Mustang

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Judging by these “spy” photos, the changes in the body of the hybrid version of the sports coupe are insignificant. This is our first look at the American novelty.

We know that a hybrid version of the legendary Ford Mustang is in development – the “spy” photos of the car were at the disposal of foreign publications a few minutes ago. I note that this is the very first time when we look at this version of the sports coupe.

  The front of this Mustang is slightly different from the more traditional car version that is now available for purchase. The front bumper is almost identical, but it seems that on the spotted prototype, the turn signals are much closer to the headlights.

  Rear Ford engineers decided to install an unpainted rear bumper, on both sides of which there are large tailpipes of the exhaust system. Their location is different from the usual GT, despite the fact that between the taillights and the GT icon is located, denoting a familiar car like.

 Ford said the hybrid Mustang will offer “all the proper skills of a standard V8 engine.”

 The patent from Ford, filed in 2017, but not published until 2019, shows the automaker’s plan to create a hybrid version of the V8 unit, which will receive an electric motor on the front wheels, while the rear ones will be unwound by an internal combustion engine.

  It is reported that the hybrid Mustang will not appear before the presentation of a new generation of the usual model (it is expected that this will happen next year). We currently expect the electrified model to debut in 2021.