There were photos of the updated BMW M3 2021 model year

There were photos of the updated BMW M3 2021 model year

December 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists captured the prototype of the next-generation BMW M3 high-performance sedan. It is noteworthy that the winter tests are in full swing for many automakers, but nevertheless, the team of engineers of the Bavarian brand decided to test the updated M3 in a warmer climate.

The famous sports sedan has been under testing for quite some time, and we are unlikely to see its production version in the near future.

 The big question is whether the novelty has a huge false radiator grille – now this place is under a very dense camouflage. The answer is probably yes, but we say this because there is still no evidence to the contrary. We saw the grille of the more powerful BMW M4 GT3. We also saw leaked photos of the massive grille, some of the brand’s new models. But of course, we hope that the new version of the “charged” M3 sedan will not have two hefty “nostrils”.

 These photos cannot somehow refute or confirm this assumption – even when we enlarge the image or “play with the light” in Photoshop, we cannot see through the black camouflage grid to determine body lines and grille sizes for the tested car.

However, we see that the new M3 will get different headlights compared to the regular 3 Series sedan. We also recognize the M-spec signature side mirrors and side sills, not to mention the spoiler at the rear of the car. This time, we also have at our disposal pictures that capture the interior of the car, which is still not a big mystery for us. We see updated M3 seats, as well as clear evidence that a manual gearbox will still be offered.

 BMW has already announced that the new M3 will be positioned as a 2021 model year sedan. We believe that the new M3 will be presented after we are presented with the updated 4 series – this will happen in the second half of next year. So the presentation of the “charged” sedan can occur either at the end of 2020 or in the first half of 2021.