There were “fresh” details about the new Volkswagen Golf R

There were “fresh” details about the new Volkswagen Golf R

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company itself says that the new Golf R will become a “real car for driving.” But they are not going to electrify it, and there is a reason for this.

New details about the Volkswagen Golf R are reported by Motor Trend, who managed to talk with the person taking pictures in the Volkswagen R Performance division. So, it is reported that the novelty will not be electrified, as happened with the new Touareg R, which received a hybrid transmission. The failure is due to the high cost of developing a hybrid version of this model.

 In this regard, it was more profitable for the company to develop a hybrid SUV that could share some details with other VW Group models.

 The brand’s engineers made a series of “small improvements” that distinguish the Golf R from its predecessor. All this helped to create a “real car for driving.” Details are still omitted. As for the power of new items, it can reach the mark of 329 hp. This prediction can be trusted since the horsepower information for GTI, GTE and GTD, leaked to the Web in January, turned out to be accurate.

 The presentation of the updated Golf R is expected this fall. The debut can be organized as part of the October Paris Motor Show. At the same time, a few days / weeks before this can take place online display. As fans of the brand will perceive the new Golf R station wagon, time will tell.