There were details about the “charged” sedan Audi S8 2020

There were details about the “charged” sedan Audi S8 2020

July 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German executive sedan, in the high-performance version of the S8, will get a Twin-Turbo V8 of 563 hp. The 2020 model year has at least five radars, six cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors and, yes, a laser scanner.

The press service of the company has published information about the new Audi S8 2020 model year, which received a 563-hp motor. Under the hood is the same six-cylinder engine, which is installed in the same place in the standard version of the A8. This is a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8. In addition to increasing the amount of horsepower, the engineers of the brand increased the torque to 800 Nm, which is essential for a car weighing almost 2.5 tons.

The high-performance sedan engine also includes a 48-volt start-up generator for the stop and start function, a so-called “soft hybrid,” which, according to Audi, helps in both efficiency and performance.

The Audi S8 also received active suspension as standard equipment. This system can raise and lower each wheel individually to control movement in different situations, not least because of uneven roads where high-tech cameras can detect potholes and adjust the suspension accordingly. Quattro all-wheel drive and a sports differential further enhance the S8’s maneuverability at both low and high speeds, while additional carbon-ceramic brakes (16.5 inches in front and 14.6 in rear) help the hefty and heavy car to stop at a steady pace.

Externally, the S8 is essentially no different from the usual version of the model. In addition to the chic five-spoke wheels and S-design nameplates on the bow and stern, only a keen eye would have noticed a slightly more aggressive front bumper with modified air intakes. In the back there are four exhaust pipes. Interior upgrades are also unimportant: the S8 gets an exclusive top insert from the Carbon Vector, which creates a special 3D effect. Matte aluminum trim and diamond embroidered seats with an embroidered S emblem also distinguish the super-sedan from the A8.