There were details about the “charged” hatchback Mazda3

There were details about the “charged” hatchback Mazda3

December 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

No, this car will not be in the near future – the company’s management has other priorities.

Finally, an official presentation of the new generation of the Japanese compact car Mazda3 took place – the car was shown at the motor show in Los Angeles. So far, there is no official data on whether the high-performance versions of the Mazda3 sedan and hatchback will be presented. Note that these versions received a prefix to the name MPS.

As part of his recent interview, one of the official representatives of the Japanese automotive brand spoke about the possibility of the emergence of a more powerful modification of the new Mazda3.

He said that the creation of high-performance versions of production models is no longer important for the automaker. “We do not plan to create MPS models in the near future.”

The main priority for Mazda is to consolidate the image of the company as a manufacturer of premium vehicles that will compete with their European counterparts. Mazda engineers will work to improve the quality of their models, increase the level of comfort, and also saturate them with the most advanced technologies.

It turns out that the concept car Mazda RX Vision, equipped with a powerful rotary engine will remain without a standard version. The representative of the Japanese brand noted that the RX Vision concept was created in order to demonstrate the future direction in creating the design of Mazda models. No one in the company had planned to mass-produce the Mazda RX Vision.

It was also noted that the leadership of the Japanese company is not interested in developing a fully electric sports model. “I don’t want to make such a car, I prefer the smell of gasoline,” added Akira Marumoto, the head of the company.