There was information about the new concept of Haval Vision 2025

April 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese novelty will be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show. Representatives of the company themselves are positioning the car as an innovative crossover of a completely new generation. There will also be shown crossovers Haval F7x, Haval F7 and the anniversary version of the Haval H6.

A couple of minutes ago, the press service of the Chinese brand Haval published data on its new crossover concept, which will be named Haval Vision 2025 (photo of the concept above). It is reported that the car will become an innovative new generation crossover.

 Here are four main aspects that have been identified by the developers of this car – a stylish appearance, an interactive car-driver system, an environmentally friendly (as far as possible) engine and intelligent driver assistance systems.

According to the press release, three more cars will be presented at the car dealership. They will be: the flagship Haval F7, sports coupe-shaped crossover Haval F7x, as well as the anniversary version of the model Haval H6.

A few words about each of them. The flagship model Haval F7, as they say in the official report, has a powerful potential to attract a large audience. The main features of the car are aggressive appearance, the latest security technology and driver assistance.

The Haval F7x is a coupe-shaped crossover that will be the second global car of the Chinese brand. It is reported that the sloping roof together with the rear spoiler allows to achieve low air resistance and achieve a figure of 0.3 units. It is interesting that this particular car will be presented in our country – its sales will start this autumn.

Well, with the model Haval H6, everything is very simple. The anniversary version of this car is dedicated to achieving the figure of 3,000,000 units sold.