There was a render of the stylish Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake station wagon

There was a render of the stylish Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake station wagon

March 30, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

An independent artist presented his vision of the Italian supercar Ferrari Daytona in the back of a Shooting Brake station wagon. The car is a modern version of the original supercar of the same name – the car was introduced in the 1970s.

Designer Niels van Roij Design has several new sketches showcasing his Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage project, which is currently underway. The idea is to create a modern interpretation of the unique 1970s supercar.

Vehicle shown in the images front, side and rear. The final set of renders has yet to be created, the company says, but these renders provide a better idea of ​​what Niels van Roij Design and his company are planning to do, compared to earlier interpretations of the unique machine.

The Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage has a long, pointed nose.

There are narrow yellow tinted headlights and this detail spans the entire width of the front end. The bezel has a simple trapezoidal opening with a slightly rounded shape and three chrome stripes in the center. The hood has a slight bulge in the center that flares outward near the windshield.

When viewed in profile, the extended roof stands out. There is an air vent just behind the front fenders and an air intake at the bottom edge of the rear fenders.

The render showing the rear of the car shows a sheet of metal joining the glass sides of the roof. There is also a massive glass “tail”. On rendering, the taillights don’t seem to be fully integrated into the design, but things might look better in the production version of the car.

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