There are photos of the new generation of Ford F-150 pickup

There are photos of the new generation of Ford F-150 pickup

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the roads of Michigan, a prototype of a new generation of full-size Ford F-150 pickup truck has been spotted. It is assumed that the long-awaited new product will be positioned as a 2021 model year truck. Over time, the all-electric and plug-in hybrid version of the machine will also be introduced.

It’s no secret that the US full-size pickup Ford F-150 is an extremely important car for the brand. And since this particular truck has dominated the segment for so long, it is not surprising that the next iteration of the F-150, which will be positioned as a car of the 2021 model year, will be a “serious step forward.”

Foreign spy photographers caught a heavily camouflaged prototype of the next-generation F-150 pickup on the streets of Michigan (USA). Because of the dense camouflage, it is difficult to see all the changes in the body of the novelty, but still something can be seen at this stage.

On the driver’s door there is an additional piece of camouflage, which is used to hide what looks like a failure in the doorway – there is something similar on the current F-150. This prototype received a set of large wheels (presumably 22 inches), which are likely to be offered only in expensive trim levels, such as Platinum. A spoiler is seen on the roof, although it may be a special element used exclusively on test vehicles.

There are no pictures of the salon yet. Some sources report that a 12-inch infotainment system screen will appear in the interior.

The F-150’s fully electric pickup, as well as its hybrid version, are also in development. In fact, we recently saw an electric prototype as part of the road tests – it was in the back of the current generation of a full-size pickup truck. So far, it has not been officially confirmed whether these more environmentally friendly versions will be offered in the next generation of the truck.

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