There are details about the new model Bugatti …

There are details about the new model Bugatti …

May 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Stefan Winkelmann, who is the CEO of the French brand, notes that the new model will “get a sporty body style,” which will be different from everything sold on the market today. He disclosed some data about the second model in a completely new model range of the company.

“I think that we have the opportunity to do more [than one car],” said Mr. Winckelmann in an interview with foreign publications. He also shared his thoughts on what the potential new product has to offer. Referring to the long history of the French brand Bugatti, Winkelmann said that he is now considering a brand new model as a very fast car, but, unlike the Chiron hypercar, it can be used daily.

“It could be, for example, a fully electric car,” he added. Although Mr. Winkelmann is certainly not against the idea of ​​an electrical Bugatti, he acknowledged that “in this case, the electrical model must be the best of its kind.”

In addition, the new car is likely to get the same body style, which is significantly different from the one used by the Chiron and Veyron models.

“Believe me, we really studied every body type for our new model, and I think we found the most promising one for the Bugatti. This body style is not yet on the market. ”

Regardless of when — or if — it arrives, Bugatti buyers can expect a car that is also noticeably cheaper than supercars worth several million dollars that the brand currently sells. However, Winkelmann noted that the new model will still cost a seven-digit amount if it is produced and sold today.