The world’s only prototype Ferrari 512S Modulo taught to ride

The world’s only prototype Ferrari 512S Modulo taught to ride

August 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A unique concept car, created 48 years ago, for a long time stood without movement. Because of the lack of steering, the futuristic car could only move back and forth, like a toy car on inertial wheels.

Legendary concept car Ferrari 512S Modulo for the first time in the history of its existence took and … went. The prototype was presented at the motor show in Geneva in 1970. Then the original car produced a real sensation! Ferrari 512S Modul won 22 awards for the design. And there was something to look at: an understated wedge-shaped body, streamlined futuristic lines, closed wheel arches and incredibly “airy” glazing.

The concept was a successful debut of the talented designer Paolo Martin, who at that time worked in the well-known company Pininfarina. However, despite enthusiastic reviews of experts and numerous awards, the concept remained the only one of its kind.

For the sake of justice it is worth noting that such a “space” transport was not to be launched into mass production. First, a unique Ferrari took the place of a museum exhibit, which later fell into the private collection of the American producer and director James Glikenhaus. He then breathed a new life into the car.

Before the restoration, the machine was able to drive only back and forth, since it was not given to the steering. “The first steps” Ferrari 512S Modulo, of course, were filmed in a video, which Glickenhaus carefully posted on his Twitter account. How much cost the collector of such a historic upgrade is unknown.

The concept car was built on the chassis of the racing prototype Ferrari 512S. From him, he received a petrol engine V12 in volume of 5 liters. and a capacity of 550 horsepower. A little more than 3 seconds would have required such a car to 100 kmh, the maximum speed reached 350 km / h.