The world’s only hybrid Lotus Evora for sale

The world’s only hybrid Lotus Evora for sale

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The current owner wants to help out for a sports car 150 thousand pounds sterling

Existing single-copy hybrid prototype Lotus Evora E414 Hybrid Range Extender put up for sale. Sportcar valued at 150 thousand pounds

Hybrid sports car built on the basis of the usual “Evora”. The cost of its development and construction amounted to 23 million pounds. Lotus Evora E414 Hybrid is equipped with two electric motors, issuing 152 kW (207 power) and 400 Nm each. They transmit the moment through individual transmissions, allowing flexible control of traction on each of the wheels. As a “power reserve enlarger” is a 1.2-liter turbo four. It feeds a 14.4 kilowatt-hour battery.

From the spot up to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour), the hybrid Lotus Evora accelerates in 4.4 seconds. Combined power reserve – 483 kilometers. The sports car is equipped with gearshift paddles, which should simulate the switching of the steps of the robotic gearbox, the systems for simulating the sound of the engine and the recovery of braking energy.

In addition, Lotus Evora E414 Hybrid equipped system HALOsonic, developed in collaboration with Harman. She uses the camera to estimate the trajectory and speed of pedestrians to adjust the volume of an external sound synthesizer. HALOsonic operates at speeds up to 75 kilometers per hour and is able to control the space at a distance of 60 meters in front of the car.

In 2016, Lotus Evora E414 Hybrid was sold to a British businessman and fan of the brand Stewart Monument. The new owner hired former employees of the company to restore the car, and even rolled it on the airfield.