The world’s heaviest electric car weighs 45 tons

The world’s heaviest electric car weighs 45 tons

September 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

An electric car with a record weight can be found in one of their Swiss cantons. This crankcase dump truck, which by the efforts of engineers acquired a powerful electrical installation, operating due to a giant battery, whose weight reaches 4.5 tons.

Swiss engineers improved the Komatsu HD 605-7 dump truck, replacing the old heavy-duty engine with a modern electrical installation. A powerful electric motor is powered by a battery weighing 4.5 tons. The dump truck itself, which now has the full right to be called an electric vehicle, carries 45 tons.

The hardest electric car in the world works in a career near the Swiss Lommis. Every day, modernized special vehicles transport more than 60 tons of rock. Up the dumper rides on the electric traction, and the return journey of the laden car is performed with the help of regenerative braking, due to which the energy of the machine is again accumulated.

To date, this multi-ton dump truck is considered to be the heaviest and most powerful electric car in the world. If the car shows itself well in work, then in a short time the family of electric dump trucks will be replenished with 8 new copies at once.

Earlier, another career, however, already in the territory of Sweden, became a testing ground for another dump truck – unmanned. Volvo has made a test drive for its HX02 electric haulers equipped with an autopilot.