The world’s first quantum-hacked car debuted at CES-2020

The world’s first quantum-hacked car debuted at CES-2020

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The safety of the electric Karma Revero GT was worked by specialists from the Canadian company ISARA.

ISARA from Canada calls itself a leader in the field of “quantum-secure and crypto-flexible security.” The company demonstrated its achievements in this area at the CES-2020 exhibition in Las Vegas, where it showed an electric car Karma Revero GT, protected from “quantum” hacking. This means that the car is able to receive and send electronic voice data without fear for their privacy. They cannot be intercepted and decrypted even with the help of a quantum computer. Recall that such computers are able to crack traditional encryption algorithms that currently provide data security.

Modern machines can connect to a wireless network and update “over the air”, which makes them vulnerable to hackers. To protect their cars, manufacturers now must develop their own quantum-safe plans. This was noticed by the Director General and co-founder of ISARA Scott Totske. According to him, cars that today exist only as concepts will go on the road when experts are waiting for the appearance of a quantum computer.

“Already now there are tools that can guarantee the cybersecurity of cars of the future,” Scott Totzke summed up.

 When working on the Karma Revero GT demo, commercially available products were used, including the ISARA Catalyst TLS test bench.