The world’s first outdoor airbag

The world’s first outdoor airbag

July 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new security system developed by ZF, is triggered before a collision with an obstacle outside.

Accidents committed in a side collision are considered one of the most dangerous types of accidents. In ZF, knowing this, they proposed a system of protecting passengers until the moment of collision. Outdoor cushion is triggered for a fraction of a second before the accident. Unlike the usual airbags, this car takes place outside the car at the door. The main difficulty in the development of the project was the ability of the system to detect the danger in time and to work within 150 milliseconds. For this purpose, a hole was made in the cushion, emitting gas, which would slow down a running car.

Environmental sensors are provided to trigger the airbag: the camera, together with the radar, instantly detects a potential hazard. When information appears, the system makes a decision: is a collision really inevitable? If “yes”, the system is activated: gas generators are turned on, the 280-400 liter airbag is inflated and deployed outside upwards from the threshold.

During a side impact, passengers sitting on the dangerous side are at great risk: in a collision at high speed, the driver of the “guilty” car is literally pressed into the cabin. According to a ZF spokesman, the side airbag reduces the effects of a blow by 40%.