The world’s first flying car became available for purchase

The world’s first flying car became available for purchase

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype of the PAL-V Pioneer flying car, which Dutch engineers worked hard on, was shown in Florida as part of the Miami Art Week festival.

The PAL-V Pioneer flying car shown in Florida still exists in a single copy. This aircraft took its individual features from a car, and borrowed something from a gyroplane – a hybrid of an airplane and a helicopter. So that a three-wheeled car could rise into the air, it was equipped with a pair of retractable propellers above and behind the hull, as well as tail wings.

 On ordinary roads, the PAL-V, according to the assurances of its creators, will be able to accelerate to 160 km / h and above. In the sky, he moves twice as fast.

 Such a car, in the cabin of which there is a place for only two people, is equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine. The car is easy to drive and safe, the developers assure. Its value reaches 599,000 dollar. Representatives of the Dutch company report that so far they have managed to place 70 pre-orders for a flying car. But in the hands of buyers an unusual device will fall only in 2021.