The world’s first “car resort” will build in the UK

The world’s first “car resort” will build in the UK

August 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On the territory of the business center Bicester Heritage, Great Britain, it is planned to open the world’s first automobile resort. The complex will consist of a hotel for 344 rooms with a restaurant, bar, gym and swimming pool, as well as an exhibition center and its own racing track.

Bicester Heritage is located on the site of the former base of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. Now in the center there are 35 companies specializing in the restoration and repair of vintage, as well as classic cars. The owners completely restored the airfield, technical building, hangars and streets of the complex.

The design of the hotel will be developed by the architectural bureau Dexter Moren Associate. Before him the task is set in a modern building to emphasize the rich and unique history of the complex. An inspiration for the overall style of the hotel should be the aviation and automotive subjects.

In the spring of last year, information appeared that the American department of Toyota was building an estate with its own racing track. On the territory of the villa there is also a stable, a Japanese garden, several reservoirs and an automobile museum.