The world’s fastest tractor shot on camera

The world’s fastest tractor shot on camera

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists of the British edition conducted a test drive of the fastest tractor on planet Earth. They even managed to somehow disable him.

  It was an exciting year for tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer JCB, which set not one, but two whole new world records. First, in June 2019, the company’s modified Fastrac tractor reached a speed mark of 166.72 km / h, and then in November of that year, the team broke its own record – now the colossus was moving at an average speed of 217.570 km / h, and “maximum speed »Reached 247.35 km / h.

 To summarize all the modifications made to the Fastrac tractor, Autocar decided to devote a video to a fast agricultural machine – journalists were able to test drive the tractor.

And, yes, as the name of the video itself implies, our British colleagues even got the opportunity to test Fastrac in different conditions and even … disable it.

The video begins with a detailed acquaintance with the tractor’s diesel engine, which has a working volume of 7.2 liters and has been significantly modified to provide a capacity of approximately 1000 horsepower (2500 Nm). One of the most interesting technical solutions from JCB engineers is a pair of containers in front of the car, where 25 kilograms of ice are loaded before each recording start to neutralize some of the heat generated by the engine.

 Another interesting fact is the absence of a battery on board the tractor, which means that the engine is started using an external battery or generator. There is also no air compressor, and the air required for the brake system is supplied by three air tanks located behind the cab.

 Want to know more? Just watch the video at the top of this page and enjoy a test drive from Autocar journalists who managed to sit behind the wheel of the fastest tractor to date.