The world’s cheapest electric car shown in the photo

The world’s cheapest electric car shown in the photo

June 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The editor of one of the American portals became its owner. The cost of the car was less than 1 thousand dollars.

When it comes to modern electric cars, in addition to high technology, their considerable cost immediately comes to mind. However, you can find an electric car, the cost of which will be lower than that of cars with classic internal combustion engines. The owner of one of these “green” cars was Jason Torchinski, who works as the editor of the Jalopnik portal in the United States. He bought a car called Changli, which cost only $ 930.

If you look at the car for the first time, it may seem like a big toy. However, this electric car has everything you need to move on public roads – turn signals, wipers, interior heating, speedometer. A nice bonus will be the rear view camera. The low cost of the car is due to the fact that its body is made of plastic. Changli is driven by a fully electric motor with a power of only 1.1 hp.

This motor allows the car to drive in a straight line without any problems, but on steep climbs it may experience some difficulties.