“The world’s best car dealer” died

“The world’s best car dealer” died

March 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the US, Joe Girard died, famous for getting into the Guinness book for record sales of Chevrolet cars.

The world record was recorded in 1973 while young Joe was working as a sales manager for new cars and trucks at Merollis Chevrolet in Eastpoint (Michigan). During that year, he managed to sell 1,425 cars, which until recently was considered the official world record. In total, during his career as a sales manager for cars – from 1963 to 1978 – Joe Girard made at least 13,000 transactions.

In the early 1980s, Girard retired from the automotive business, becoming a motivational speaker and author of five books on the art of successful sales. All this time, he also actively traveled around the country, delivering his own course of lectures.

According to Detroit Free Press, Joe Girard died on February 28, two days after he received a head injury from a fall in his own house. In the autumn of this year he would have turned 91.

The last years of the life of the “best car salesman” were associated with litigation and scandal about his own record. Just over a year ago, Ali Reda, sales manager at Les Stanford Chevrolet and Les Stanford Cadillac, decided to challenge the record in the Book of Records, stating that he managed to sell 1,582 cars in a year. Result Reda also supported the concern GM. In turn, Guinness stated that they will no longer update the category due to participation in the GM dispute and the lack of an objective third party. At the same time, in the latest media comments, Book representatives still call Girard the absolute champion.

It is a curious fact, but for the sake of Joe’s successful career, he even had to change his last name, namely, to give up the last letter “and” in the original version of the name Girardi. The whole story on joegirard.com is described as follows.

One day, an Italian came to the car dealership who wanted to buy a car. After talking with Joe, the client decided to find out who he was by nationality. In response, then Girardi replied that he was Sicilian. He says that when the customer heard this, he literally exploded with rage and said: “I will never buy a car from Diego” (Diego is a derogatory term for Sicilians), says Joe’s biography. After this incident, Girardi decided to remove the last letter in his last name and became Girard.