The world is at war. MotoGP promoter gives a disappointing forecast

The world is at war. MotoGP promoter gives a disappointing forecast

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

MotoGP general promoter Carmelo Espeleta, unlike his colleagues from Formula 1, is not sure about the prospects for holding the 2020 season. Moreover, his words can be attributed not only to the world championship on road-ring motor racing, but also to all other racing categories.

“Imagine that we can only hold three races,” said Espeleta in an interview with Speed ​​Week. – On the one hand, such a championship will be very strange. On the other hand, it’s better than sitting at home. But if we cannot guarantee the health and safety of participants and fans, then, of course, we will not take risks. In the end, the authorities of the countries and the ministry of health will not allow this. So we must face the truth: perhaps this year there will be no races at all.

The world is at war. In Spain, Italy, France, a very difficult situation. Until scientists invent a vaccine, stopping the spread of coronavirus will be extremely difficult. In such circumstances, it will be almost impossible to organize races and other public events. I’m not sure that we can spend the season even if we try hard. We are considering all possible options, but I will be surprised if we succeed.

Even if in the near future the situation normalizes a little, the borders between the countries will still remain closed. Opening them would be crazy. Yes, you can conduct races without spectators – this is better than nothing. But do not forget that at every Grand Prix in the paddock two thousand people work. And their movement around the world will be possible only after the borders between countries are opened again, and this will happen only after the invention of the vaccine. I really hope this vaccine comes sooner than expected. ”