The woman received a second penalty for speeding right after the first

The woman received a second penalty for speeding right after the first

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Police in Lincoln County, Nebraska, twice fined the owner of the Ford Mustang for speeding. And the second violation of a resident of Iowa Chonthl Wilson made immediately after she drove away from the patrol car. This is reported on the page of the Office of the Sheriff of Lincoln County on Facebook.

According to law enforcers, they received information that the Yellow Mustang was moving at high speed along Highway I-80. During the detention, it was found that the speed of the car was 148 kilometers per hour with the permitted 121. The deputy sheriff wrote a fine and allowed the woman to go further.

Wilson jerked off and began to accelerate quickly. Policemen, measuring her speed with a radar, found out that she was moving at a speed of 228 kilometers per hour. After a short chase, Wilson managed to stop and arrest. The perpetrator was taken to a temporary detention facility where she would wait for the trial. It is reported that in the car Wilson found drugs, which can lead to new accusations.

Last year, a resident of Canadian Alberta, Matthew Gagne was fined for exceeding the permitted speed by one kilometer per hour. This happened after he overtook the patrol car on the country road and, according to the policeman, “expressed disrespect” with his actions.