The wildest Hummer H2 is on sale

The wildest Hummer H2 is on sale

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

EBay sells a monster truck made from a Hummer H2 SUV.

Described by the seller as “the biggest bad guy of all H2s,” the SUV is currently priced at $ 55,100. Bidding should be completed in a day.

A lift kit specially created for this project increases the ground clearance by 450 mm. Weld Racing Dagger 20-inch rims are matched with 49.5-inch Irok tires. The body of the SUV has both the original “livery” and decorative elements – thresholds in the form of cruise missiles and an imitation of a double-barreled machine gun on the hood.

The interior of the Hummer H2, which was decorated in black and yellow, has advanced acoustics with a 7-inch monitor on the front panel, screens for the rear passengers and six 10-inch Bazooka RX-T2 subwoofers in the luggage compartment.

There is no information about the engine upgrade, but the seller mentions a custom stainless steel exhaust system. The monster truck was built back in 2003, and a year later it appeared on the cover of the thematic magazine Truckin Magazine. The seller promises to present a copy of the magazine to the new owner. Hummer mileage after construction is 8160 km.