The Web showed a Toyota Land Cruiser with a wooden body

The Web showed a Toyota Land Cruiser with a wooden body

March 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has been producing since 2007. Soon, the model will receive a successor, but only now the Japanese SUV has received a wooden version.

The body is made of this material, which a craftsman from Vietnam has carved out of wood. We will say right away that the work done is simply amazing! It is even surprising that it all started with ordinary boards.

As you might guess, not only the body is made of this natural material, but also tires, wheels and even glass. Excellent! In this case, the doors, hood and trunk lid open, and the front wheels (independently of each other) can be rotated.

The video below captures a detailed and very pacifying process of creating a wooden masterpiece. If you don’t know what to do with quarantine and are not sure of your creative abilities, you can see how others do it.

In addition, this talented master also created the Lexus LX570 – the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 sibling – which turned out even better.

There are other incredible car making videos on the Woodworking Art YouTube channel that you can see below. The main highlight of these models, which undoubtedly unites them, is the beautiful texture of wood, which is so lacking for real cars. True, the Lexus craftsman painted it all the same, thanks to which the wooden car began to look even more like a real car.