The video showed the first test of a supersonic car Bloodhound

The video showed the first test of a supersonic car Bloodhound

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In South Africa, began testing the fastest car in the world – Bloodhound. At the moment, a team of engineers has presented videos of only the first races, but it is planned to overcome the bar at 1,609 km / h next year. Now plans to accelerate to 643 km / h.

Bloodhound’s previously announced trials have already begun. South Africa was selected for ultra-fast rides. A 20 km track was prepared in the desert, and it was prepared manually by the local population. The plans of the engineers to conduct several test runs to test the new systems and jet engine Rolls-Royce EJ200 Eurofighter.

On its official Youtube channel, the team has already started uploading videos of the first races. And while the car has accelerated only to 170 km / h, this is an important step. With each race, the speed will increase. In total, 13 races are planned. At the end, a high-speed race will be held to test the brake system with a maximum speed of up to 643 km / h.

 “We divided our goals into two distinct phases,” says Warhurst, owner and CEO of the project support company, Grafton LSR. “First, we will concentrate on capturing data from the test runs, and when we do everything, we will use the data and knowledge to decide whether to proceed to the second stage.”

 It is planned to overcome the world land speed record at the end of 2020, but after conducting actual tests, the project will continue to search for investments.