The video showed the drift of a unique 2,400 horsepower truck

May 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This car took part in the Pikes-Peak lifting campaign 18 times, and won seven of its own records in its class. The truck is equipped with a three-turbine diesel engine and a mixture of water and methanol injection system.

On the YouTube channel Hoonigan Daily Transmission, there was a video of Mike Ryan’s racing truck – an American pilot and stuntman who repeatedly participated in the races on Pikes Peak. In the video you can see how the truck is constantly drifting and moves around the pillar, creating huge clouds of smoke.

The truck itself is built on the basis of a custom platform and equipped with a 2,400-horsepower turbo diesel engine. There is no exact data, but the owner reports 5,400 Nm of maximum torque. The motor is equipped with three turbines and a special injection system of methanol and water.

 In addition to the engine, the car is equipped with a professional racing suspension, a powerful braking system, an advanced cooling system for everything that heats up while driving, and an aerodynamic body kit with a clamping force of 816 kg at a speed of 128 km / h.

Mike Ryan participated as a stuntman during the filming of the automobile scenes of the Fast and the Furious franchise, Terminator-2, Rush Hour-3, as well as Independence Day.