The US Secret Service has received a new limousine for Trump

The US Secret Service has received a new limousine for Trump

April 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Cadillac has developed a new version of the presidential limousine. He will replace the Beast car, which in 2009 created for Barack Obama

The US Secret Service received at its disposal a presidential limousine of a new type, on which Donald Trump will move. The first public appearance of the car should take place in the near future, with reference to its own source reports Fox News.

At the moment in official trips Trump uses a previous version of the car, which former US President Barack Obama used before. That limousine, known under the name “Beast”, is described as a “Cadillac with tank armor”, the thickness of which is 200 millimeters.

Trump’s new limousine was first seen during tests in the spring of 2017. It is assumed that the exterior of the car will look similar to the flagship sedan CT6, but it will differ from it by the size of the wheelbase, increased ground clearance and the mass that will grow due to the use of armor.

The company Cadillac has been creating cars for the American political elite since 1993. Under the new contract between the US Secret Service and General Motors, Cadillac will supply the White House with about 10 machines valued at almost $ 16 million.