The updated sedan Genesis G80 is seen on test

The updated sedan Genesis G80 is seen on test

September 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The premium South Korean sedan Genesis G80 was spotted recently at one of the test sites in Germany. At this stage of testing, the prototype is covered with a rather dense camouflage. Presentation of the updated Genesis G80 is expected by the end of next year.

A couple of hours ago, at the disposal of foreign profile publications were “spy” photos of the renewed South Korean sedan Genesis G80. It is reported that this time, the car was seen in Germany. To my great regret, the test prototype of the novelty is still covered with a rather dense layer of camouflage.

However, compared to the previous series of images, some layers of this same camouflage in front of the model were removed. Judging by these photographs, we can judge that the appearance of the car will change and quite strongly.

Note that the current generation of luxury South Korean sedan is a modernized and revised version of the model Hyundai Genesis, which in turn was launched before the creation of the Genesis brand. It is known that the new version of the model will increase in size and will receive a substantially redesigned front part, which in combination with shorter front and rear overhangs, a longer hood, will help the Genesis G80 compete on equal terms with models of eminent premium brands.

As we wrote above, the guys from Genesis decided to test their early prototype in Europe. This is a rather curious fact, considering that the brand is going to come to this part of the globe in less than two years. The original plan of the automaker was to start selling cars from the UK, Germany and Switzerland – in these countries it was planned to show the model only once, at a special event in the capital of these countries. And only after the brand reaches its predicted sales, it will continue to “invade” other automobile markets in Europe.

At the moment there is no exact data on what will be under the hood of the new G80 sedan. However, it can be confidently assumed that the current engine range, consisting of 3 engines will remain. It’s about the 3.8-liter V6, the 3.3-liter 2-turbine V6 and the 5-liter V8. They can also be joined by a hybrid analog.