The updated BMW 7 Series will enter the market in 2019

The updated BMW 7 Series will enter the market in 2019

January 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

2016 BMW 740i

Bavarian manufacturer plans to soon restyling the flagship sedan.

Start production of the updated sedan BMW 7 Series will begin in March 2019, informs the edition BMW Blog. In addition to changes in the front and rear, the model will be revised composition of the gamma range.

The Bavarian company often declassifies new models until the actual start of production. It is possible that the debut of the “refreshed” flagship 7 Series, will be held in 2018, and deliveries will begin as follows.

It is assumed that in the process of updating the BMW 7 Series will receive an upgraded “multimedia” and a fully digital “device”. It is expected that the power of the modernized three-liter 6-cylinder in the 740i will increase from 320 to 335 hp, while for the V8 with a capacity of 4.4 liters, the output will increase from 445 to 465 hp. The plug-in hybrid version 740e will be replaced with an electric motor for a more powerful one, which will increase the combined output from 322 to 390 hp.

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