The updated analogue of the legendary Toyota Tundra pickup truck entered the market

The updated analogue of the legendary Toyota Tundra pickup truck entered the market

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

ZX made the market debut of an updated version of the full-size ZX Terralord pickup truck, whose highly ambitious name translates as “lord of the earth.” This model for the brand at one time was a real breakthrough.

The Chinese ZX Terralord luxury pickup truck has been updated and is already available for purchase in the home market. The appearance of this model even after the restyling continues to resemble the legendary Toyota Tundra pickup 2013 model year. The novelty receives a massive grille, a high-raised glazing line, as well as chubby wings and stampings around the entire perimeter of the body.

The length of the Chinese pickup truck is 5,341 mm with a wheelbase of 3,230 mm, and the loading platform reaches a length of 1,810 mm.

The new line of motor products includes a 2.4-liter 218-horsepower turbo engine from Mitsubishi and a 2.5-liter 129-horsepower turbodiesel from Isuzu. The drive can be rear or full. Already the base ZX Terralord receives automatic emergency braking and directional stability systems, 17-inch alloy wheels, assistant for driving on the descent and ascent, etc. Also, the 2020 model year pickup relies on cruise control, LED DRLs, a satellite navigator, a video surveillance system, parking sensors , multimedia with an eight-inch touchscreen, interior with leather trim, etc.

┬áIn China, for the most affordable pickup ZX Terralord will have to pay 103,800 yuan. Our motorists at one time were also familiar with the ZX pickup truck – this is the ZX Tiger, repeating Toyota Hilux. This model was presented in the Russian Federation very shortly due to low demand.