The upcoming concept of Mercedes-Benz can be “unkillable”!

The upcoming concept of Mercedes-Benz can be “unkillable”!

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German vehicle would have advanced safety technology, an intelligent technology that would constantly improve the level of driver assistance.

Mercedes-Benz spoke about the new version of the concept of ESF, safety-oriented, it will be presented later this year. Representatives of the company say that advanced technology can turn this car into a truly invulnerable vehicle. As part of his interview with the Australian profile publication, the head of the research and development department of the German automaker Mercedes-Benz Ola Kalennius shared some details about the upcoming car.

“Things like autonomous driving and an intelligent driver assistance system help reduce the number of road accidents. Because almost all accidents are human errors,” said Mr. Kalennius.

He separately noted that some technologies from the arsenal of the new concept of ESF are almost ready for production and may appear in future brand cars.

Kalennius hinted that artificial intelligence will be an integral part of the safe machine of the future. The vehicle will collect driving data and share it with a central server in order to learn how to better manage driver-specific assistance systems. The concept will also have a couple of advanced technologies to protect passengers. So, if an accident happens, no one will be seriously injured.

 “We will show our safe car in the middle of this year. That’s what the future of security will look like, ” – said Kalennius Motoring. Perhaps this will happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show – Autumn 2019.