The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq was not originally an electric car

The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq was not originally an electric car

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Cadillac is painstakingly hiding its Celestiq, but new details are emerging about the flagship electric car.

While the company still has not released photos of the new items, Cadillac design director Brian Smith has declassified a little information about the model. In an interview, Smith said the model was originally developed with an internal combustion engine. This makes sense, as former Cadillac president Johan de Nisshen announced a new car that will “stun the world” in 2018.

While this car was under development, it was on the edge of the era of internal combustion. This forced the company to rethink the project and ultimately decide that electrification is the best solution.

Smith further said that the front end and Lyriq optics are the ones used on the Celestiq, but the flagship model was actually created first. This is important to note as Lyriq arrives earlier than Celestiq.

Smith also confirmed that the rear window of the model will be in the hatchback style, which provides a bold and unique silhouette. He said that it looks “unusual” and, but also amazing and beautiful, He promised that the new product will be “unlike anything else” in its segment.

Celestiq is expected to be launched by 2025 and will run on the company’s new platform. Given its positioning as a flagship car, we won’t be surprised if the Celestiq is equipped with a 200 kWh battery, 800 volt technology and the ability to quickly charge 350 kW. It can also offer a range of more than 644 km.