The unmanned car rammed the wall right after the start of the race.

The unmanned car rammed the wall right after the start of the race.

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Autonomous racing car of the Swiss team rammed the fence five seconds after the start

During the Roborace autonomous car racing competition, a car from the Swiss team SIT Acronis crashed into a wall immediately after the start of the race. The video of the accident was posted on the YouTube channel ThatOneFormula. The recording shows how the unmanned racing car immediately after the start turned sharply to the right and rammed the fence. According to Business Insider, the cause of the incident was most likely a software glitch.

According to Engaged, this is not the only car incident that has occurred during this race. The Autonomous Racing Graz team did not avoid problems either. Their unmanned car “got lost” on the track due to a malfunction in the navigation system.

Roborace races are attended by unmanned race cars that are built on the same platform and equipped with identical technical equipment. Teams can only develop their own computational algorithms for robocars.

While the competition is still in test mode. The organizer has yet to formulate the final rules of the race. So far, only one unmanned car can be on the track during a race. Mass races will begin a little later.