The United States has developed a motorcycle that can ride underwater

The United States has developed a motorcycle that can ride underwater

February 1, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Unlike off-road vehicles, even the best off-road motorcycles are quite poor at overcoming water obstacles. Protecting an internal combustion engine from water on a motorcycle is too difficult.

American company Volcon has unveiled the Grunt off-road electric motorcycle. One of its main features is the waterproofing of the motor according to the IP67 standard. The creators convince that the motorcycle can not only be safely washed under running water after off-road trips, but also to overcome a ford of any depth on it. The bike is also positioned as a transport for hunters and fishermen.

The Grunt is driven by a 50 hp power plant. The maximum speed is 97 km / h, and the motorcycle is capable of reaching it in 6 seconds. The electric motor can be set to different modes of operation depending on how and where you want to drive.

The maximum driving range on a single charge is 160 km. The motorcycle is equipped with an easily removable battery, endowed with the ability to charge from a household power outlet. According to the manufacturers, it takes two hours to charge.

The weight of the motorcycle is about 100 kg. The seat height is 81 cm and the ground clearance is 30.5 cm. The motorcycle is equipped with wide low pressure tires, which are designed for off-road riding.

It is known that the first serial Volcon Grunt will have to go on sale no later than June this year. They will be collected at a facility in Texas.