The unique rare pickup Bentley put up for sale

The unique rare pickup Bentley put up for sale

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The model was built on the basis of the 1956 S1 production sedan. The initial price of the lot at the Silverstone auction house is 25-30 thousand pounds sterling

The Silverstone auction house will bid the Bentley pickup. The car symbolizes a successful farm enterprise and was built in a single copy. The model, which was reworked by an Australian bodywork studio commissioned by Count Stredbrok Kita Rosa, is based on the rare 1956 S1 sedan. The rear row of passengers and the roof over it were dismantled to install a cargo platform with sides of natural wood.

 As a power unit used native six-cylinder in-line engine with a working volume of 4.9 liters and a maximum capacity of up to 178 horsepower. No further details are given, but the Bentley S1 buyers also had available shock absorbers with a solenoid valve and a transmission with a choice of individual gear ratios.

Judging by the photos presented, the previous owner was the company Mount Fyans Black Angus Herd. The car itself is painted in bright yellow color and has retained the original interior trim from natural wood.