The unique prototype of the Jaguar 60s turned into a road sports car

The unique prototype of the Jaguar 60s turned into a road sports car

July 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Announced the premiere Jaguar LM69 from Ecurie Kars

The British company Ecurie Cars announced the release of the road sports car with the appearance of a racing prototype Jaguar XJ13 from the 60s. The novelty is called LM69 and is based on the idea of ​​reproducing the appearance of the car, as if he had participated in the “Le Mans 24 Hours” of 1969.

LM69 coupe with a smooth contour of the body almost exactly repeats the look of the original XJ13, if we consider it from the standpoint of evolution. The new car has a fixed roof, the shape of the air intakes has changed, winglets have been added to the front, and the rear wing has been added. At the same time, the creators of the car deliberately did not use either the technological or stylistic solutions that came into motor racing after 1969.

A five-liter V12 with four camshafts is installed behind the rounded transparent engine compartment cover – the same engine was on the original car. The specification is still kept secret, but on the XJ13 the “aspirated” produced 509 hp and 523 Nm of torque and accelerated the car to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.4 seconds. In accordance with the spirit of racing prototypes, the sports car has no electronic helpers.

The original Jaguar XJ13 is exhibited in the British Automobile Museum. The sports car was built in a single copy for the “Le Mans”, but due to changes in the regulations, he did not take part in the races. In 1971, the car was seriously injured in an accident, but was restored to its original state. It is alleged that the XJ13 was never put up for sale, and its current owner in 1996 refused to sell the car for seven million pounds, although it was three times the price of the Ferrari 250 GTO – one of the most expensive classic cars.

The LM69 public debut will take place at the Elegance Competition at the Hampton Court Palace in London in early September. The planned circulation is 25 copies. Price will be announced later.